Trio Anjali

Modus operandi of this group is a collaborative artistic process based on simultaneity and music spatiality created during the improvised event. The group`s free improvisation is created through the acute state of readiness in the present moment while engaged in a continuous negotiation and experimentation. Although there is a personal initiative of a musical idea in collective music-making, it is created, shaped, transformed and led by the collective. In this situation, the roles within the group are fluidly distributed and shared between participants, their activities become co-ordinated by making common decisions, thus producing a unique synergetic system.
The common musical language of the three musicians moves in the field of tension between jazz, free jazz, new music, and improvised music reflecting the 4 Cardinal Points in four pieces. The first piece, “North”, represents the calm spaces illustrated by a ´breath streams and long-toned´ meditation. The second piece, “East”, takes their listeners to the mystical landscapes, exploring the eastern musical concepts, deep listening, and poetry. The third, “South”, engages in rhythmical images, that open the space for different interpretations while the fourth, “West”, invites the audience into the intellectual and hectic research.


Here is the CD.