Barcode Quartet Alison Blunt, Elisabeth Harnik, Josef Klammer, Annette Giesriegl
Patchwork Voices Claudia Cervenca und Annette Giesriegl
Redox Katharina Klement, Kaja Farszky, Annette Giesriegl
Vociferous Choir Veryan Weston´s  Tessellations II
Vocal Chordestra Annette Giesriegl (vocals, electronics), Franz Schmuck (vocals, percussion,electronics)
Two Voices Jay Clayton- Annette Giesriegl
STIO Styrian improvisers orchestra
VIST AG Vienna Improvisers String Trio / Annette Giesriegl,  instant compositions
Chest an oriental fairy tale stageplay
Gathering The Gathering is a floating population of improvisers in various media but mostly music by happenstance.

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